Enel X’s innovative recipe for industrial energy efficiency

Enel X’s very special recipe of experience and technological know-how in the area of industrial facility energy efficiency is a synergic combination of innovation and environmental sustainability. It was also the vital ingredient in providing a huge industrial site in Lombardy with a 1,200 kW cogeneration plant to meet its energy needs. The plant was built by Enel X’s subsidiary ESCO in partnership with Intergen, Italy’s leading provider of energy efficiency solutions.  

The project was an exciting challenge too due to the client’s specific logistical need to install a cogeneration plant as a replacement for a compressor station on the first floor of a building in the industrial hub. This meant that space was very tight indeed with the result that the plant had to be bespoke-designed right down the last centimetre with a major focus too on future maintenance requirements. The partnership between Enel X and Intergen proved a brilliant combination of just the right energy management experience and technological skills, and provided our end client with a new perspective on energy consumption, a fundamental issue for an energy-hungry industrial facility.  

Industrial production demands huge amounts of both electrical energy to power machinery and thermal energy, in the form of water and steam, to guarantee an output of around 20,000 tonnes per year. The new cogeneration plant has a special system that cuts nitrogen oxides in exhaust fumes by 85%, ensuring that the industrial hub is very comfortably within the Region of Lombardy’s current strict legislative requirements. It will also deliver the client an annual saving of 16% on its combined electricity and gas bill as well as a reduction in emissions equivalent to 1,450 of CO2 annually.

This is why this major industrial company made the decision to go with Enel X’s tempting recipe for a kind of production that will just get better and better. But make no mistake about it: this recipe is not just about producing appetising results; it is also, and more importantly, doing the Planet a great service.