Enel X powers forward on its electric mobility journey

Electric mobility in Italy continues to power ahead, thanks to Enel X. The only stops are for battery charges and even they are now very simple indeed, becoming faster and more accessible with each passing day. Thanks to the meticulous work of the O&M e-Mobility Italy team, the charging station availability index has now topped 98%. The Operations and Maintenance team crossed the start line last May with an existing portfolio of 1,000 charging stations but within just 25 weeks, it had added a further 2,000 new points, thanks to a full-speed-ahead operational strategy.  

This means that Enel X now manages 3,000 charging points across the nation, some of which are currently in the process of being activated. That figure is set to grow still further, however, thanks to the company’s sheer determination to reach the target laid out in the Italy Plan14,ooo charging stations (each with two charging points) by the end of 2022. This is an impressive result, given that the current percentage indicates that almost all of the installed charging points are always operational, working and ready to charge. This is a fundamental factor in helping promote the culture of electric mobility and in guaranteeing peace of mind to drivers of electric cars.   

Italian sustainable mobility is celebrating a new milestone, which has been achieved through constant charging station monitoring and the ongoing training of the businesses involved in on-the-ground maintenance of the latter. The byword for Enel X is “improvement and so not a single day goes by without us evaluating our performance levels and implementing our technological innovations. It is only through this constant action that we will be able to hone the reliability of the services we offer to perfection.

We still have a lot of work to do in order to achieve the goal we set ourselves for 2022 but, as the saying goes, we are all charged up to do it.