Juice, an extended family of charging solutions from Enel X

They’ve just arrived, they’re smart and they meet all types of requirements. There’s already an entire family of new solutions by Enel X for charging e-vehicles – the Juice family.

The official presentation took place on 21 September at the Vallelunga racing circuit, the site of the Vallelunga e-Mobility Hub, a place Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility at Enel X, has called “Almost a second home for us” and that in future will be remembered as the seedbed of the #eMobilityRevolution.

The reasoning is straightforward. As Piglia explains, “Our mission is to encourage the decarbonisation process in the transport sector by speeding up the transition to e-mobility.” Enabling the spread of e-vehicle use on a vast scale means creating a comprehensive charging infrastructure network to serve all types of user. This involves charging points for private owners, corporate fleets and shared mobility initiatives like car sharing.

All these needs are addressed by the products in our Juice range, designed and produced by an Enel X research and development group working in Rome and Silicon Valley.

The spread of e-mobility begins at home. Recent trends show that over half of charging sessions take place in the domestic setting or at the workplace. Enel’s response is the new Enel X JuiceBox, more manageable (it is 70% smaller than the previous models) and more intuitive. The charging state can be controlled via a smartphone, as the device can be connected to the Internet. The Enel X JuiceBox is available in three versions that correspond to different power levels (3, 7 and 22 kW), as well as the Enel X JuiceBox C version designed for corporate use.