A stronger touch of purple for car sharing in Madrid

Madrid takes on an even stronger shade of Enel X purple as the company is set to extend its presence on the city’s streets with the installation of 22 new 22 kW wallboxes. This is for a new HUB for Car2Go, the well-established car-sharing service with a comprehensive presence across Europe and North America.

In actual fact, the Enel X experience was brought to Madrid through Endesa as early as October 2015 with the launch of a charging network consisting of 39 22 kW AC wallboxes distributed across the first four Car2Go electricity HUBS installed in the city. This provides 24-hour back-up for the 380 electric Smart cars available for the car-share service. Car2Go is known as a comfortable, convenient service, and the added value provided by the technological experience brought to the table by Enel X has generated a virtuous aura around the test stages launched in the Spanish capital. Indeed, all the vehicles used by Car2Go in the past three years on the city’s streets are not petrol-fuelled, as in other European capitals, but are 100% electric, and as a result have zero environmental impact.

The new HUB is not only a further confirmation of the successful collaboration between Enel X and Car2Go, it also highlights a growing commitment to promoting e-culture and green mobility. In order to achieve this Enel X is developing innovative solutions and has deployed a technical team that is “in constant movement.” The “pioneering” adventure embarked on in Madrid has involved the Enel Group’s experts in the installation of the 39 wallboxes and in providing Car2Go with an innovative IoT Cloud platform called JuiceNet. This manages the charging process at every HUB, facilitating monitoring, control and reporting services at various levels, both for the wallboxes and the electric Smart car fleet involved in the sharing service.

Furthermore the JuiceNet platform offers Car2Go the opportunity to try out and apply the set of smart charging algorithms developed by Enel X on a global level. This enables Car2Go to combine the need to optimise the power demands of the hook-ups to the electricity grid (taking maximum advantage of local electricity supply tariff schedules) with the performance levels required by the number of Smart e-cars to be recharged daily and restored to the car-sharing service.

Enel X’s commitment to the Car2Go initiative is also expressed through a specially developed security stock service comprising 10 more charging points and a dedicated contact centre. This means that Car2Go can provide a specific, consistent quality level, as well as maintenance and repair services.

Three years after its launch, Madrid’s Car2Go family has expanded, providing its citizens with new e-vehicles that operate without having a negative impact on air quality. Enel X purple technology continues its progress, reaching one more important destination on the road to environmental sustainability.