A zero-emission coast: Enel X charges Cesenatico

Tourism in Italy relies on its natural heritage but it is also becoming increasingly important to develop initiatives aimed at preserving the quality of the natural environment and the local territory.

It is precisely this approach that brings Enel X’s charging stations to the Romagna coast, thanks to an agreement signed with the municipality of Cesenatico for the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure consisting of at least 40 charging stations, to be positioned throughout the municipal territory by 2020.

Enel X is bringing its technological experience back to this well-known seaside resort to offer citizens and tourists alternative, clean and sustainable mobility. The fruitful relationship with the town continues, following on from the installation of three Enel X charging stations in the municipality as part of the regional project "MI MUOVO MARE.”

The Municipal Authorities of Cesenatico have been actively involved for some time now in green mobility policies, with several projects dedicated to promoting the uptake of low environmental impact forms of transport. Precisely for this reason, this municipality in Romagna has found an ideal partner in Enel X, thanks to a shared vision that is heading firmly in the direction of transport that respects air quality and improves the tourist experience. The latest generation charging infrastructures created by Enel X are an example of technological excellence and digital innovation, featuring remote management control that also allows interoperability between providers, making them the ideal tool to meet the needs of evolved, intuitive and environmentally-friendly urban mobility.

In fact, the stations offer a multivendor charging service, in accordance with industry regulations, which enables any Mobility Service Provider to offer its service at Enel X charging points. 

An agreement between Enel X and the town of Cesenatico, which is transporting citizens and tourists not only towards a clean sea, but also towards a future free from polluting emissions.