EVA+: Our first 100 Fast Recharge charging stations

100 latest-generation charging points in a year of sustainable mobility. This is the goal achieved by Enel X, where we live and breathe a commitment to spread the culture of electricity.

Just over a year ago, in July 2017, Enel X installed the first Fast Recharge station in Barberino di Mugello. The adventure that was starting then is called “EVA+ (Electric Vehicle Arteries in Italy and Austria)”, an innovative project for the installation, in three years, of 200 charging stations for electric vehicles along extra-urban routes, 180 in Italy and 20 in Austria.

EVA+, with its 180 Fast Recharge Plus stations co-financed by the European Commission, forms an initial backbone of charging stations on the national grid that Enel X will implement by 2022 to support the growth of the electric mobility market in Italy. As part of the project EVA+ will also provide useful recommendations for the subsequent rollout of fast and ultra-fast charging technologies in coming years, thus allowing Enel X to optimise both investments in charging stations and user experience, contributing even more effectively to the development of this new business

Giovanni Coppola

Project Coordinator

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