Enel X joins the EV30@30 initiative to support the take-off of electric mobility

Electric vehicles can make a real contribution to bringing about a change of direction. Investment in zero impact, silent mobility which “lights up” new economic and industrial opportunities is, together with the decarbonisation of the electric sector, essential to reaching the global community’s shared climate goals. Companies can play a decisive role in the promotion of e-mobility, by choosing battery-operated vehicles for their corporate fleets and by encouraging employees to consider sustainable mobility as a choice to be made on a daily basis.

Enel X firmly believes in these ideas and that is why it has joined the EV30@30 campaign to support the goal of reaching a 30% sales share for electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The initiative was coordinated by the IEA (International Energy Agency) and organised by the CEM (Clean Energy Ministerial) – Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI). It was launched at the eighth annual energy meeting (CEM8), which was held in Beijing in June 2017. Since then, EV30@30 has brought over 30 major metropolises in 12 countries into the EVI Global EV Pilot City programme. This gives the cities themselves the prime responsibility of taking the electric mobility revolution forward, through cooperation activities at both local and national level and awareness-raising campaigns aimed at residents.

The EV30@30 programme was established with the firm intention of raising awareness about the decarbonisation of modes of transport, and supporting all those organisations that are already incorporating mobility goals into their business models. The countries that have already joined the programme are: Canada, China, Finland, France, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Recently the United Kingdom also became part of the revolutionary EV30@30 campaign. Furthermore, seven market leaders in the field of electric mobility, including Enel X, have also got involved, alongside the member countries. This clearly reflects the important moment of transition that the vehicle sector is undergoing.

Joining this initiative is of paramount importance in raising awareness of e-mobility’s benefits from an environmental, industrial and energy efficiency perspective. With this aim, Enel X is supportive of every private and public effort that further boosts EV uptake and that sets out clear business plans. Not only that, we are in the front line and are something of a driver, both in the progressive electrification of our corporate fleet and the promotion of e-mobility culture among our employees

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X