Electric mobility: the revolution is here

Cars streaking by under an almost summery sun at the Vallelunga Circuit at Campagnano di Roma. Seen from above, the scene looks perfectly normal. It is only the fact that they are so silent that gives away that these are actually electric cars. Behind their wheels are not professional drivers but ordinary motorists eager to try out this unusual and fun adventure for themselves: the chance to drive electric cars that are not merely sustainable but also attractive and accessible to all.

The drivers included Enel CEO Francesco Starace who makes no secret of his enthusiasm for the e-Mobility revolution as part of a much broader, epoch-changing wave of upheaval.  

The Vallelunga Circuit therefore acted as a showcase for the electric cars during the second edition of e-Mobility Revolution, one of the highlight events on Enel X’s calendar. A year on from the launch of the initiative, Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini summed up the situation thus: 

It took five years to get to the millionth electric car, 17 months to the second millionth, 10 months to the third and barely six months to the fourth

Francesco Venturini

 CEO Enel X

We are installing in the region of 60-80 stations per week. The work being done by Enel X is really driving this particular market. By the end of the year our clients will also have around 2,500 charging points at their disposal. These are big numbers that will mean anyone can drive their electric car all the way from Valle d’Aosta in the north to Sicily in the south

Alberto Piglia

Enel X’s Head of e-Mobility