Charge at a public charging station or a domestic Wallbox with Enel X Recharge: the solution is in your smartphone

July is the month for smart vacations with great new features from Enel X.  There are new functions on the way for the Enel X Recharge smartphone application that manages the charging of your electric vehicle at public and private charging stations. Beginning this month many important new features of Enel X e-mobility are set to be introduced.

The new option that permits the association and management of a personal domestic Wallbox makes the performance of the application, which is available for both iOS and Android, even more impressive.

Users who have already installed an Enel X Wallbox at their homes can easily configure one or more charging stations on the app, each of which will have its own icon clearly shown on the screen. After linking the Wallbox to the service, it is possible to activate a charge, visualize the kWh and time used, directly from a touchscreen. The charge cost will be added to the utility bill (according to the contracted rate) and users will be able to view their charging history at any moment. This makes an excellent tool for controlling domestic consumption, linked to the profile associated with the Wallbox. The same Enel X Recharge Card can be used for charging at public stations and for charging at a domestic Wallbox.

The app has an interactive map “available at a glance” that is updated continuously with information from the public charging stations as well as the stations available for public use hosted by our partners at their private premises. The map shows a pin for every available station and a special pin for each of the different categories of our partners: shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels. Clicking on each pin on the screen will provide all the information about the partner, such as address, logo and website, plus all the useful information concerning the charging station (e.g. the number of sockets and their availability in real time).

Personal data has been a hot topic lately, and it is increasingly apparent that privacy must always be protected. For this reason, Enel X has chosen to introduce a function that manages the consent options that the client selects when first registering on the Enel X Recharge app. It is now possible to change or cancel any consent preference previously selected on Enel X Recharge at any moment.

With Enel X Recharge, the app in continuous evolution that is “energizing” e-mobility with many other exciting new features on the way, a clean, easy and safe charge is guaranteed.