The sun for hire in the Canary Islands: Endesa receives an award from Actualidad Económica magazine for one of the “100 best ideas”

“Las 100 Mejores Ideas,” the initiative launched by Actualidad Económica (which is published as weekly business supplement to the Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo) to identify the best corporate innovation ideas on the national market, has awarded Endesa, the Enel Group subsidiary in the country, a prestigious award in the “sustainability” category. The winning project is a revolutionary “solar hire” service which the electricity company offers in the Canary Islands as an “all inclusive” deal that goes from the initial assessment right through to the installation of the plant.

Although the Canary Islands rank among the world’s sunniest places, businesses based there have high electricity costs. Enel X, through Endesa, has found a brilliant solution: creating a turnkey contract for companies which includes the supply, installation and maintenance of a photovoltaic plant for self-production. After the first 15 years, the client can decide to buy the solar panel system, which until that moment has been rented from the supplier.

This is the “sun for hire” service. It provides all the benefits of a renewable, clean and sustainable energy source, while freeing the client from having to deal with such things as the bureaucratic process, buying the material and installation. Other benefits include the drastic reduction in consumption and a significant drop in emissions, while also removing the uncertainty of electricity costs and contributing to the client’s corporate social responsibility.

This innovative service provides personalised solutions for every business, tailored for self-consumption and following the most rigorous criteria for energy efficiency. These solutions create plants that make the most of the available space, the photovoltaic capacity for the area and the positioning of the panels to enhance the output of the structures, which are made to measure for the client.

“According to Unión Española Fotovoltaica - UNEF - 55 Mw in photovoltaic panels were installed in 2016 for self-consumption, and it is estimated that this rose to 135 Mw in 2017. The goal for this year is to further increase this amount” said Miguel Barroso, Director B2B-B2G E-Solutions Iberia.

The revolutionary “solar hire” initiative was launched in the Canaries because of the favourable weather conditions of the Spanish archipelago. The “access toll” (the cost of connecting to the grid when solar resources are not available) is not applied on the islands. This is due to the Madrid government’s enthusiastic encouragement of distributed generation as a targeted method to reduce the cost of energy production on the islands, which is significantly higher than in the rest of the country. The political party Nueva Canarias recently obtained an extension to the agreement, so that the access toll will not be applied to registered plants installed before December 2022.

Actualidad Económica identified Endesa’s service of personalised solar hire as a tangible example of innovative talent and sustainable creativity, set in an energy ecosystem that is undergoing profound change, where progress and technology join together in perfect union.