Enel X LED lights illuminate the course of the Nere River

The project was conceived by the Catalan municipality of Vielha and Mijaran in collaboration with Fondazione Endesa with the aim of illuminating the course of the Nere River as it passes through the area where the streets Calle Major, Calle Sarriulèra and Calle Arnals are located. The artistic and historical project was completed thanks to the expertise of Enel X, through its Spanish subsidiary Endesa, which installed sustainable, technological LED spotlights along the course of river. Latest generation, highly energy-efficient spotlights illuminate the rushing water with a light that has a colour temperature chosen specifically for this site.

The illumination project was designed to outline a cultural itinerary in the Val d’Aran and to highlight the historic and natural heritage that the River Nere connects in the province.

The history of the Valley is intrinsically connected to the water resources that support the area’s residents on a daily basis. The River Nere, in fact, was the focal point for the rural and tourist development of Vielha, the region’s main town, while also being the cause of significant challenges for the population given the violent floods that have ravaged the area in the past century.

The mission of the artistic lighting project was to emphasise the cultural assets through the use of technology that optimises visual comfort and enhances the overall aesthetic experience. The project created by Enel X and Endesa on the banks of the River Nere is a thorough expression of the “culture of lighting” for which the Enel Group is a proud spokesperson within the energy ecosystem. The combination of the natural setting and latest generation lighting was balanced with great precision in order that the warm light temperatures of the LED spotlights would best highlight the water course and its many points of interest, without ever becoming a hindrance to those wishing to observe the local nature and without ever contributing to light pollution.

The technology of the 37 lights installed along the river walls provides optimal performance combined with extremely contained energy consumption. In addition to the 37 light sources using RGB systems and integrated heat dissipaters, lighting panels have been installed along the Calle Mayor and Calle Sarriulèra indicating a route that can be followed, safely and easily, even at night.

The course of the River Nere evokes the history of this municipality in the Val d’Aran, one filled with significant events. The sustainable lighting created by Enel X and Endesa enables locals and visitors to admire several symbolic locations along this route, where nature and history cohabit in a perfect harmony, just like the union of environmental sustainability with technological innovation.