Enel hosts the first Italian Innovation Roundtable

“The digital world is extremely complex, and we’re dealing with a totally different way of designing services. It’s now possible to generate electricity at home and use the energy that is produced.” This, in short, describes the success of the Innovation Roundtable, the most important international workshop: it involves 2,500 innovation executives from over 130 companies from around the world. Talks and panels alternated with face-to-face discussions in the shape of informal round tables for exchanging ideas and insights. Enel hosted the first workshop to be organised by this network in Italy. It consisted of two days of productive, open discussion on disruptive innovation, which is now the real core of the tech sector.

The first day, which was dedicated to new disruptive business models, focused on:

  • BMI (Business Model Innovation);
  • Ecosystems subverting the rules of the game;
  • startup accelerators;
  • sharing and crowdsourcing platforms, the founding principle of the sharing economy.


Proceedings were opened by a contribution from Francesco Venturini, CEO at Enel X, on the subject of “The Change Enel X Wants to Bring to the Energy Sector: Organising and Hiring for Business Model Innovation and New Platforms.” The Enel X CEO presented the revolutionary transformation process undertaken by the Enel Group with the introduction of the new Enel X Global Business Line, which is based on an awareness of new energy sector requirements and develops and implements services reflecting the concept of digitalisation. 

We’re in the middle of the perfect storm. Technology is transforming the entire energy sector, and we at Enel X are a key part of this change. Technology has always been used to generate, distribute and sell energy. Today, though, the way people interact with electricity is undergoing radical changes and we must adapt business models to this new situation

Francesco Venturini

CEO at Enel X

We at Enel X are very aware at what is ‘out there.’ As a result we monitor the startups displaying the greatest agility and most intense focus on specific innovations, without losing sight of regulation in the sector. We play with technology, seeking to adapt it to new business models to avoid being taken by surprise by a growing market

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X