Enel X and ALD revitalise Sicilian e-mobility with Sibeg

A new partnership is racing into the electric mobility ecosystem in Sicily. Enel X and ALD Automotive Italia, a leader in long-term car rentals, have signed an agreement to deliver 110 Nissan LEAFs to Sibeg, a Sicilian company that bottles and distributes Coca-Cola branded drinks. The highest selling 100% electric vehicle in the world will take its place in the corporate parking lot through the e-go Long-Term hire package, which includes Premium assistance service for the charging infrastructures that Enel X has been supplying for the last three years.

Sibeg, which is well known for its attention to environmental sustainability and technological innovation, is the first company in Europe to provide its Field Force with fully electric vehicles. Phase two of the “Green Mobility Project” brings an electric revolution, both in terms of vehicles and specific infrastructures, to the island. Phase one of the project, which was launched in 2015, provided Sibeg with a zero-emission corporate fleet for the company’s sales executives. The 100 Citroën C-Zeros that made up the Field Force in that first phase of the “Green Mobility Project” will now be replaced by the Nissan LEAFs. The sustainable mobility plan has revolutionised the corporate mobility of the factory, which produces the famous bottles, and since its implementation it has prevented the emission of 363 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, a quantity that would take 27,225 trees to absorb in one year.

Together with the delivery of the 110 Nissan LEAF e-cars, Enel X will install eight new rapid charge stations, which will allow drivers to “fill up” from zero to 80% in 40-60 minutes. The new charging points are additions to the present grid, bringing the number of points installed on the island by Enel X for Sibeg to 68.

The infrastructure is available for use by all residents, with the aim of sparking the spread of four-wheeled electric culture beyond the corporate setting. To date, the Enel X stations in Sicily have registered over 14,000 recharges and these additions to the network should certainly contribute to the further growth of the island’s e-mobility market, which increased by 135% in 2017. In 2015, prior to the launch of phase one of the Green Mobility Project and the installation of the infrastructure with Enel X expertise, the entire island only had three charging stations.

The next gear is increasingly green, innovative and smart.