Enel X takes electric mobility to the Touring Club Italiano’s Orange Flag areas

The orange flag of the Touring Club Italiano is awarded to those small towns and villages that are distinguished by their charm, historical heritage and local culinary culture. Most of them have a population of under 3,000 inhabitants and they are places where great care is taken to ensure high standards for the preservation of the area and for their residents’ quality of life. To emphasise the importance of this precious heritage, Enel X will bring electric mobility to the 227 “Orange Flag” municipalities, with the installation, activation and maintenance of charging infrastructures.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Enel X and the l’Associazione Comuni Bandiera Arancione di Touring Club Italiano (Association of the Touring Club Italiano Orange Flag Municipalities) was signed by Francesco Venturini, Chief Executive Officer of Enel X, and Fulvio Gazzola, President of the Association. It outlines the creation of a charging network in the 227 relevant municipalities with the installation of two charging stations in each area. The project will unfold in two steps: Phase 1 will start in 2018 and cover 144 municipalities by the end of 2019, while Phase 2, operating in the remaining 83 areas, will be completed by 2022.

In the areas that are already included in the Piano Italia (Italy Plan), and therefore in possession of a charging infrastructure for e-mobility, more than two charging stations will be installed.

Electric mobility is a winning formula, not only in the context of large urban centres, but also, thanks to this agreement, an important tool for welcoming and attracting tourism, by enhancing the beauty of our landscapes. We are particularly happy to contribute to the mission of the Orange Flag Association with our innovative charging technology: zero-emission cars are the ideal type of transport for discovering the artistic treasures in Italy’s most beautiful small towns and villages

Francesco Venturini

Chief Executive Officer of Enel X