Enel X’s electric culture at the Más Deco Market di Santiago

Enel X is now an established presence in Chile, with efficient, innovative and technological solutions for the home, companies, cities and mobility. The Enel Group is setting in motion a new economy in Latin America, and it includes dedicated digital services where energy is no longer seen as a raw material but rather as a fundamental service for the society of tomorrow.

The new trends in energy efficiency were put on display at the Más Deco Market artistic hub in the capital Santiago, where Enel X set up a space dedicated to its advanced technology products. Thousands of people were able to interact with the LED lighting, domotics, e-mobility, climate control and the solar panel system. Dozens of special installations gave visitors a hands-on experience of the electricity revolution, a phenomenon where Enel X is playing a crucial role.

The Más Deco Market is an area dedicated to artistic promotion and was originally conceived by

Inmobiliara Actual through the Fundación Actual non-profit institution. The Foundation is promoting artistic projects in the local districts of Santiago, especially the Más Deco Market area, where permanent installations aim to improve the life of the barrio by creating meeting spaces.

It is creating a new cultural identity that supports various initiatives encouraging artistic expression by providing scholarships for emerging artists and through the touring exhibitions organised around the mobile Das project, a brightly-painted van that travels around the streets of the neighbourhood.

Renovation projects involving international artists, transforming a “tough” district into an open-air art gallery - that’s the Más Deco Market in Santiago, an area that is constantly evolving and where creativity and innovative drive are highly-valued assets.  

There could be no better place than this for Enel X to present its revolutionary products, sharing the stated mission of the artistic promotion project - to help improve the quality of life of local citizens. The Más Deco Market is a home to the culture of both art and electricity.