Energy Storage, Enel X launches its first project in Canada

Enel X continues to expand its activities in the energy storage sector. This time the initiative is in Canada, where Enel is currently the largest demand response aggregator on the market. Through its US company EnerNOC, our Group has signed an agreement with Algoma Orchards to install and manage a 1 MWh lithium ion battery system, enabling the company, which is specialised in the cultivation and distribution of apples, to benefit from significant financial savings over the eleven years of the contract. Algoma Orchards will also be able to take part in the Demand Response programme implemented by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

The software that has been developed, DEN.OS, will come on-stream in the first half of 2018, enabling the optimised use of the battery system during periods of peak energy demand. 

The agreement we’ve just signed shows how the development of new flexible energy assets, like battery storage systems, is a crucial element in offering our C&I clients greater savings and enhancing the sustainability and reliability of the grid for all consumers

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

Algoma Orchards boasts a long tradition of implementing environmental sustainability projects like recycling water from our production facility, rainwater storage and management of a large solar installation at our Newcastle plant. This energy storage system will help reduce our energy footprint. It’s something all of our employees are very proud of

Kirk Kemp

President of Algoma Orchards