eMotorWerks launches the JuiceNet Enterprise Cloud Platform

Breaking news from Silicon Valley for corporate fleets of EVs. eMotorWerks, the American company which is part of the Enel Group, is launching an innovative platform that will revolutionise charging methods for corporate and commercial fleets of electric cars and trucks.

JuiceNet Enterprise Cloud Platform is the new corporate solution from Enel X which allows for the remote charging of an entire fleet of EVs from a single dashboard.

The platform’s predictive modelling allows for the dynamic regulation of charging, so that EV owners can install multiple charging stations in their vehicle parking area without expensive added costs, and can balance energy demands in concert with the real-time electric grid output. JuiceNet is actually able to ensure peak performance in consumption, planning charging for the moments when the production of solar or wind power is at its highest. This smart solution allows clients to reduce the excesses of energy consumption, by balancing charging across different battery chargers during the day, while also ensuring that the charge level has reached the desired level for when it is needed.

Alongside the intelligent platform, our Group has developed the app, JuiceNet, which the client can use to find a charging station available within their own private network.

We know that people are more motivated to buy EVs if their workplaces offer charging options. Now it’s possible to offer EV charging as an integral part of corporate management, with operating costs well below traditional levels. It is a winning combination which can help support an even faster spread of e-Mobility

Val Miftakhov

Head of eMotorWerks

JuiceNet allows us and our clients with corporate fleets to manage smart charging easily, even for multiple vehicles at the same time, and in different places, from a simple dashboard

Suresh Jayanthi

VP Energy Services Chanje Energy