E-cars: from Bolzano to Turin, interoperability in recharging

One of the first objections raised when discussing electric mobility is e-cars’ lack of range. This often happens on long journeys on motorways; for example when their owners go on holiday. This detail has tended to discourage drivers who are otherwise interested in e-cars from an ecological and economic point of view.

This is why Enel X is creating a network of charging stations that covers all of Italy, thereby making electric mobility the perfect choice. 7,000 charging columns will be installed throughout the country by 2020, and that number will literally double by 2022.

Drivers will be able to take their electric cars on long journeys worry-free, stopping to recharge along their route on the motorway or on long-distance roads, just like the more traditional, polluting vehicles. But what happens when they reach an area which is not managed by their operator, perhaps near the border? In order to respond to this particular need, Enel X has signed an agreement with Alperia, a South Tyrolean energy provider, to carry out an interoperability test between charging stations. In actual fact, Enel and Alperia customers can now use the charging infrastructure of both operators, which is a revolutionary development.

Enel customers traveling through South Tyrol can therefore pay for their recharges (with the card they normally use at the Enel Group’s recharging points) in the more than 50 stations that Alperia (which is based in Bolzano, the South Tyrolean capital) operates in the region. 

Collaborations with companies that intend to invest in developing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Italy is an important accelerator in the achievement of our national plan for the growth of electric mobility in the country

Francesco Venturini

Chairman and CEO of Enel X

Alperia is committed to creating a smart and sustainable future, and we are convinced that we can overcome this challenge by working together. This is why we are particularly pleased with the agreement with Enel, which allows us to offer customers from both companies a widely used and easily accessible recharging infrastructure. It marks an important step in the development of electric mobility in Italy

Johann Wohlfarter

CEO of Alperia