Enel Sole illuminates the streets of Spoleto and Pescara with sustainable light

Enel Sole has won tenders in both the municipality of Spoleto in Umbria and the municipality of Pescara in Abruzzo for the supply and installation of lighting fixtures that are energy efficient and have a low environmental impact.

The upgrading of the street lighting network in Spoleto’s city centre will involve more than 813 light fixturesincluding 377 historical lanterns, which will undergo a significant intervention to fit them with LED light sources. The upgrading activities also include the installation of a remote monitoring platform for all the devices, aimed at reducing energy consumption and predisposing the public network for the development of a smart grid. Thanks to PLC technology (Power Line Communication), the platform will enable the existing power line to transmit data at high speed, thereby making it possible to implement value added services such as video surveillance, Wi-Fi hot spots, digital signage and electric vehicle charging, in addition to parking management, traffic monitoring and mobility statistics systems.

The city’s historical centre will be equipped with street lighting that is better not only in terms of savings and sustainability, but also when it comes to safety and aesthetic impact. In fact, the LED light sources will maintain uniform lighting in each area, conforming to Umbria’s regional laws on light pollution and will be equipped with double insulation to ensure reliability.

In Pescara, Enel Sole has signed a ten-year agreement with the city’s Public Administration and the company Pescara Energia for the management of the city’s lighting system. The scheduled retrofitting includes the replacement of 11,664 light fixtures with the same number of remotely-controlled LED lights, thus eliminating an impressive 5,094 lights that are not compliant with the light pollution regulations. The new LED lamps will significantly reduce consumption (by around 50%) and result in a net improvement of the entire lighting system throughout the streets of Pescara’s city centre. Thanks to a remote-controlled monitoring system, faults can be identified and then repaired in rapid time.

Of our 3,600 customers, the city of Pescara will be one of the largest. Our goal is to satisfy the administration and the city’s inhabitants by successfully completing the work of improving the quality of lighting and retrofitting the systems. We will do this in less time than we envisaged in our bid, in order to get to work in the area as soon as possible

Cristiano Gigante

Manager for Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise - Enel Sole