Electric Mobility: World Economic Forum and the future of cities

“Smart mobility. Smart water. Smart grid. Smart integration. These are the foundations of tomorrow’s cities, which are being realized today.”

This is the premise that the World Economic Forum has chosen for its report, in which electric mobility assumes a fundamental role. The report titled “Electric Vehicles for Smarter Cities: The Future of Energy and Mobility” describes the strategies necessary for electric vehicles to become an increasingly developed reality, starting with public transport.

The recommendations provided by the WEF show how to adapt each electrification strategy to specific markets and describe examples of public and private transformation initiatives.

Promoted by leading figures from the energy sector, including the CEO of the Enel Group, the report was drawn up as part of the “Grid Edge Transformation” project.

Grid Edge Transformation Project

Electrification, digitalisation and decentralization are the keystones of the project that form a virtuous circle to consolidate the overall benefits in addition to the individual contributions. The integration of these trends could generate more than $2.4 trillion in global value for society and industry in the next decade, increasing the efficiency of the overall system, optimizing capital allocation and creating new services for customers.