Enel’s smart energy is growing with Demand Response

From June to September 2017, Terna held a number of auctions, allocating 86 MW of capacity to the most competitive suppliers. Thanks to the synergic efforts of Enel Energia, Enel Produzione and the recently established Enel X, the Group participated in the tenders, winning 45 MW. The Terna Group held a new auction for Italian Demand Response, for the period 15 January-31 March, which saw an additional 15 MW allocated to Enel, of which 10 MW was awarded to Enel X.

Demand Response is a dispatching service provided by consumers and coordinated by “aggregators” that are able to stabilise the electricity grid by managing the flexibility in energy demand, which can be modulated as and when required. This grid can this benefit from greater flexibility and stability thanks to a more efficient use of energy resources.

These pilot projects are a first, small step towards the systematic reform of the Services Market that, with full involvement of all resources, will be better equipped to deal with the rapid transformation of the electricity system in which Enel aims to maintain its leadership

Alfredo Camponeschi

Head of Energy Management Italy

This trial has given us the opportunity to move towards the future through the proposal of new digital services. We are convinced that Demand Response is a world with interesting opportunities, which we are preparing to seize thanks also to the collaboration with EnerNOC, a leading company in the sector and recent acquisition of the Group

Daniele Andreoli

Head of Optimization and flexibility Solutions at Enel X