Environmental sustainability and zero impact tourism: charging stations for e-vehicles are installed in Castellabate

Published on Monday, 20 August 2018

Electric mobility is a winning formula not only in the big urban centres but as an important tool in attracting and welcoming tourists, enhancing the beauty of our country [...] The zero emission car is the ideal way to discover Italy’s most beautiful locations: a charging infrastructure network that extends to include the main centres of artistic heritage and tourist destinations is a decisive factor in the development of the sector, improving the quality of these sites with a notable reduction in acoustic and atmospheric pollution and making our country even more competitive

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

We thank Enel for the sensitivity shown towards issues of renewable energy and for having chosen to include in this ambitious project, alongside the larger cities, smaller towns and tourist destinations such as Castellabate, which, with the help of initiatives like this, is developing the services on offer to residents and visitors. With the installation of charging stations for e-vehicles in various sites in our municipality, we have joined the new challenge for sustainable mobility, heading towards technological development and anticipating the needs of the community which is preparing to make another great leap into the future, with fast connection through a fibre optic network and with the methane gas distribution network, currently being constructed

Costabile Spinelli, Mayor of Castellabate