Enel X lights up the AIDI National Congress

Published on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The design aims to achieve maximum energy and financial savings, as well as superlative visual comfort, improving spatial perception and citizens’ lives. Light also becomes an instrument that can enhance architectural works and artistically significant buildings

Emanuele Sguazzi

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government for Enel X Italy

Nowadays, everyone doing our job has to think in terms of client satisfaction. The projects we offer to those who choose to trust in our expertise, range from intelligent lighting to e-mobility charging infrastructure. The market has been revolutionised along with the way the offer is handled, and Enel X has been able to do this effectively

Emanuele Sguazzi

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government for Enel X Italy

The youth of today, digital natives, need to be involved in a fundamental, stimulating two-way exchange in which their voices are heard. Each year we experience new excitement as sponsors of this competition. These young people drive our activities, and at each edition of the competition they give us new ideas. We place our trust in them as we look towards the future

Luca Moscatello

Head of Installation Operations and Maintenance for Enel X

Lighting is experiencing a period of innovation, thanks to the synergic integration of technological and digital systems. The relationship between light and art is fundamental, and Enel has a long-standing commitment to promoting the culture of artistic lighting. the purpose of which is to enhance monuments and promote environmental sustainability

Francesca Migliorato

Head of Artistic Lighting for Enel X