We’ve formulated a proposal for you based on your answers

Improve the energy efficiency of your building for 

CostoMensileNetto[1] per month instead of  CostoMensileLordo per month 

With Vivi Meglio and the Ecobonus transferable tax credit [2]

Con Vivi Meglio di Enel X e gli incentivi per la riqualificazione energetica puoi rinnovare il tuo condominio riducendo da subito i costi per l'intervento

Based on the characteristics of your condominium building, we suggest the following interventions:

  • Installation of External Wall Insulation on your building’s external surfaces
  • Replacement of the heating system with a Centralised Condensing Boiler (Class A)

Based on the characteristics of your apartment building, we suggest the installation of External Wall Insulation on its exterior.

Based on the characteristics of your apartment building, we suggest the replacement of your heating system with a Centralised Condensing Boiler (Class A)

External Wall Insulation has a double benefit


The thermal insulation of the external surface of your condominium improves its energy efficiency and enhances its appearance: it’s not only useful but attractive too! [3]

Thanks to “Vivi Meglio” you don’t have to wait to benefit from the Ecobonus

Installation of External Wall Insulation for a condominium building*

TOTAL cost of operation
70.000€ [1]
Cost paid by residents of the condominium
Cost paid by Enel X
Through transfer of tax credit

External Wall Insulation reduces the building’s energy needs and, consequently, energy bill costs, refreshing the building’s appearance, increasing acoustic insulation and improving indoor comfort levels by providing a more stable temperature.

This operation will allow you to reduce consumption by about $risparmioPercentuale (average saving per apartment: $risparmioAnnuo€). [4]

* on a surface area of $metri m2

Other possible tax incentives

Renovation operations on the façade of a building, in the case that these have a thermal impact or that affect over 10% of the plasterwork of the heat-dispersing façade of the building, may also benefit from the “Bonus Facciate” (Façade Bonus) as an alternative to the Ecobonus. The “Bonus Facciate” enables those eligible to recoup 90% of the cost (spent during 2020) of the aforementioned work, in the form of a tax credit divided into 10 annual and equal amounts. Unlike the Ecobonus and/or the Sismabonus, the “Bonus Facciate” does not offer the possibility to transfer the tax credit nor does it qualify for a discount in the invoice from the supplier carrying out the work. The residents of the condominium building will, therefore, bear the total upfront cost of the work, recovering 90% of that amount through tax credits over the following ten years.

Replacing the existing heating system with a “Class A” Condensing Boiler*

TOTAL cost of operation
70.000€ [1]
Cost paid by residents of the building
Cost paid by Enel X
through transfer of tax credit

Condensing Boilers offer greater efficiency than conventional boilers. The additional heat source reduces heating consumption and consequently the condominium building’s heating expenses.

This operation will allow you to reduce consumption by about $risparmioPercentuale (average saving per apartment of $risparmioAnnuo€).[4]

* POWER $potenzaCaldaiakW

Increase the market value of your property

Thanks to these energy renovations, which reduce consumption and consequently energy costs and CO2 emissions, you can also increase the market value of your apartment*[6]

Previous Class A1
New Class A2 >
*The estimate uses the property value based on: energy class (Data source: “Il Sole 24 Ore”), the cost of the work carried out and the savings on energy expenses obtained in the years following the work.
The cost of energy renovations for a condominium building

Coating ($metri m2)

Cost of the operation 250.000€
Tax Incentive 70%
Actual cost to bear 75.000€

“Class A” Condensing Boiler ($potenzaCaldaiakW)

Cost of the operation 70.000€
Tax Incentive 50%
Actual cost to bear 35.000€
Total Operation 320.000€
Actual cost to bear 35.000€
Cost per residential unit
(considering $abitazioni residential units with an equal share of common parts - “millesimal quotas”)
Cost of the operation 16.000€
Actual cost to bear 35.000€
Monthly cost for the resident
Installment in the presence of financing
(Calculated assuming a 10-year loan, 4.5% rate) [7]
Saving on energy consumption [4] RisparmioMensile
Expenditure net of energy savings CostoAlNetto

More suggestions for your building

You can further reduce expenses and the environmental impact of your condominium building with other options from Enel X’s “Vivi Meglio” range. For your condominium building, we suggest:


Homix is the new smart home solution from Enel X which manages the heating of your home more efficiently, using a smart system that learns your family’s habitual usage and automates your heating to match your requirements, allowing you to save energy. Homix also provides many functions and services that make daily management of your home smarter, simpler and quicker.


Incentive: from 50% - 65% (when heating system is replaced).



A photovoltaic (PV)system produces electricity through exposure to sunlight. Photovoltaic systemsare created from various elements, most commonly panels, able to capture solar energyand convert it into electricity and are typically installed on a roof or othersurfaces with good exposure to the sun’s radiation.


Incentive: 50%.



The heat tends to go upwards, that makes important to insulate the roof of a building correctly. The principal aspect to consider in roof insulation is the choice of material. High-density materials insulate from both hot and cold outside temperatures, while lower density materials offer greater benefits in the winter months. Waterproofing should also be considered and, in the case of pitched roofs, roof ventilation, ensuring that there is the necessary space for air to circulate between insulation and roof tiles.


Incentive: from 70% to 75%.



A considerable amount of heat loss is due tonwindows and fittings. Insulated window technology, available in PVC or aluminium, by using thermal breaks, has greatly improved in recent years and offer impressive performance in thermal and acoustic insulation.


Incentive: from 50% to 75%.



These are electric vehicle charging points situated in the parking area of a condominium building. Charging stations can be equipped with a variety of power levels to charge vehicles in a range of different timeframes. We usually suggest charging stations with a medium power charge for condominium buildings as they are designed for medium-long charging times, such as overnight parking.


Incentive: 50% (the tax credit is not transferable)

[1]  The results elaborated by the simulator are merely indicative, estimated using the information supplied by the user and they do not represent, nor do they have the value of, an offer from Enel X. A feasibility evaluation of the operations and a calculation of real costs can be carried out, upon the express request by the interested party, only following a specific survey visit and using the real characteristics of the building. The simulator considers the tax incentives relevant to art. 14 of D.L. 63/2013 (known as Interventi Ecobonus) and art. 10, comma 3-ter of D.L. 34/2019 (known as Interventi per risparmio energetico) and considers only individuals as possible beneficiaries. Budget Law (Legge di Bilancio) 2018 and all related legislation, Enea, Revenue Agency of Italy (Agenzia delle Entrate).
[2]   You can benefit immediately from the Ecobonus and Sismabonus incentives with Vivi Meglio from Enel X, reducing the expenditure on energy renovations for your condominium building by up to 85%. The introduction of the tax credit transfer allows all eligible individuals to transfer the tax credit relating to IRPEF (income tax) and assigned for energy renovation projects. The tax credit can be transferred to the suppliers of the goods and services inherent to the work and so used as part payment, thereby reducing the cost by a percentage that varies from 50 to 85%. Using Vivi Meglio and the tax credit transfer, Enel X will wait the required 10 years to recoup the amount covered by the tax incentive while condominium residents are liable to pay only the remaining amount.
[3]  The images used are intended merely for illustrative purposes and do not represent contractual elements.
[4]   The estimated energy saving is calculated using the indications in UNI/TS 11300. A calculation of energy saving depends on the following variables: behaviour of users in the residential building, external climate conditions and cost of energy supply, which can all vary seasonally. The costs of energy have been considered as: methane gas 0.068 €/kWh, oil 0.135 €/kWh.
[5]  The building must be located in Zones A and B (dm 1444/1968) and possess the minimum requirements outlined in the Decree MiSE 26/06/2015 and the boundary values of thermal transmittance established in the Decree MiSE 11/03/2008 (tab 2 annex. B), updated by Ministerial Decree 26/01/2010. An essential condition for accessing the “Bonus Facciate” is that the operation must affect the visible façade of the building (the front, forward and principal part of the building and/or the other external sides of the building). The incentive will not be awarded for operations carried out on interior facades (e.g. cloisters, courtyards, internal areas) except for those visible from a public road or public land.
[6]  The estimate uses the property value in terms of: energy class (Data source: “Il Sole 24 Ore”), the cost of the operations carried out and the savings on energy expenses obtained in the years following the work.
[7]  The value was estimated using the following parameters:  financing of 10 year (120 payments) at a 4.5% rate (approximate interest rate based on market values) and an equal partition of the common parts – the “millesimal quotas” – of the residential units in the building. Enel X has made agreements with banking institutes that are available to provide financing assistance for the portion of costs that cannot be transferred (financing is dependent upon individual approval from the bank); Enel X does not provide financial services nor does it carry out activities for the promotion and/or employment of banking and financial services of credit institutes, which independently and at their own discretion determine the conditions for financing.

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