Enel X Financial Services

Enel X Financial Services

Making it easy to access financial solutions anywhere and across ecosystems


We offer digital payment solutions for people and businesses, enabling them to pay everything, anywhere, securely: from online and physical payments with a tap, to the payment of bills and daily expenses like road tax, MAV, RAV and PagoPa. Enel X Pay is the online account that allows you to do all this easily through the app.

Financial Services

From issuing MasterCard cards to online accounts, our prevalently digital solutions enable people to take action without the need for intermediaries, thereby simplifying bureaucratic processes.


Our advanced technologies enable us to constantly improve our products over time and establish partnerships with the leading companies in Italy and Europe. This allows us to personalise and integrate our services in line with a market that is constantly changing.

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The Enel X platform for empowering SMEs to develop their business

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Enel X Pay, the digital account that will simplify your life

View outgoings, peer-to-peer money transfers, family management and much more. Say hello to Enel X Pay, the online account that helps people manage the present and plan for the future in an easy, safe way.

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With PayTipper, purchases will be even easier

Enel X has acquired 55% of PayTipper and will gain access to a network of approximately 5,000 shops throughout Italy. This will offer consumers easy access to payment services.

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Fintech, financial tools for everyone

How technology is revolutionising the relationship between citizens and finance, making services simpler, faster and more efficient. The effects of the pandemic and the application of the PSD2 directive are driving the growth of digital payments