Pole Station

Pole Station


Installation in urban areas, public places and in general in strategic points for mobility, appropriately agreed with local administrations.

Customer identification, initiation and interruption of charging procedure through contactless RFID card.

Communication with the Control Center (EMM) through GPRS equipment o UMTS installed on board the vehicle with TIM operator.

Real-time modulation of the recharge process through the PWM signal managed by the Control Center.

Computerized interface for the user, to support the Customer in the recharging procedure and provide information on the status of the refueling.

The average charging time for an electric car depends on the chosen socket configuration and on the maximum kW power used for this infrastructure.

Technical components

Smart Meter: 2 Enel three-phase electronic counters (simultaneous charging on both sockets if necessary).

TLC modem (GPRS / UMTS) for communication with Control Center.

RFID reader compliant with ISO N14443 and ISO 14443B standards.

Display with backlight and protective glass.

2 LEDs for signaling and delivery.

Side gems for led lighting.

Equipped with Lame Scame L, N, EARTH + Pilot, IP44 certified with device lock connector + cover.

Equipped with Mennekes Socket R, S, T, N, EARTH + Pilot + Proximity, IP44 certified with connector blocking device + cover.

Other products for public administration



This is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be located in an urban environment for public use, at strategic mobility locations or in company car parks.

Fast Recharge

Fast Recharge

Designed to facilitate the simultaneous refueling of multiple electric vehicles on the highway and expressway, shopping centers and urban areas.



This is our fast charging solution that is paving the way for electric mobility outside the city, bringing it within reach of everyone.

JuiceBox Commercial

JuiceBox Commercial

The commercial version of the JuiceBox: ideal for companies beginning to move towards electric mobility, it can operate as a stand-alone charging station or as part of a series of infrastructures for a fleet of electric vehicles.

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