JuiceBox Commercial

The commercial version of the JuiceBox: ideal for companies beginning to move towards electric mobility, it can operate as a stand-alone charging station or as part of a series of infrastructures for a fleet of electric vehicles. Available in two versions: up to 7 kW and up to 22 kW.


The charging status of the electric vehicle can be monitored in real time from a smartphone


The new model has a 70% smaller footprint: it adapts to even the narrowest garages in a practical and elegant way


The high-visibility LED indicates the status of the recharge at a glance


The JuiceBoxC can be included as an element of a JuiceStation


Connected to the Recharge Manager integrated management system

Other products for public administration


This is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be located in an urban environment for public use, at strategic mobility locations or in company car parks.

JuiceLamp Mini

It is our integrated solution for public administrations, companies and privates: a small led lamp with reduced dimensions, which has the dual function of lighting and charging infrastructure.


Our solution for the simultaneous charging of several electric vehicles (up to 8) with a single infrastructure: ideal for corporate fleets.


The JuiceLamp is our integrated solution for street use: a LED lamp that has the double function of public lighting and charging infrastructure.

Learn everything there is to know about electric mobility

The automotive world is changing and increasingly switching to electric.  However, there are still some doubts and myths about this new sustainable technology to be dispelled.

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