Car and motorcycle rental

Car and motorcycle rental


There’s an innovative solution being offered by ALD Automotive in partnership with Enel X. It meets the need for convenient and sustainable mobility and guarantees your company all the advantages of long-term rental, even for cars with low environmental impact (Full Electric and Plug-in Hybrid).

One fee, multiple benefits

For a set monthly fee, your business can now access an exciting alternative to traditional mobility, allowing you to reap benefits for the entire duration of your contract (18 to 48 months).

Your monthly fee includes:

  • Registration
  • Road tax
  • Third-party insurance
  • Partial exemption for liability for fire, theft and damage to the vehicle
  • Regular and unscheduled maintenance
  • Mileage
  • Management of fines
  • First refusal on purchase
  • Roadside assistance


The charging infrastructure your company needs

Aside from the usual advantages of renting, which reduces the costs of vehicle ownership (registration, road tax, third-party and comprehensive insurance, regular and unscheduled maintenance), you can also decide to include in your monthly fee the charging solution that best suits your needs, both at home and on the go.


Know how much you are spending – and saving!

The service also allows you to easily plan for your expenses, because all costs are predetermined and set in your rental fee. You can access tax relief based on the use you make of your vehicles: essential to the business (100% deductible and can be wholly written off), non-essential to the business (20% deductible, 40% can be written off), or mixed (70% deductible, 40% can be written off).


Zero time wasted, zero worries

One of the benefits of long-term renting is saving time: we offer you an all-in formula, including all the services you need to relieve your company of operational and management activities. Specifically:

  • We make a dedicated team of professionals available to you, to help you with all aspects of the service: fleet management, tax relief, cost optimisation, assistance network
  • The monthly fee includes all the services tied to operational management: administrative and insurance procedures, maintenance, repairs.


Rental solutions designed for your business

Long-term renting means you have access to a wide range of low-impact cars and motorcycles tailored to suit your business’s requirements – from city cars to high performance models.


Extra benefits of a 100% electric long-term rental

If you choose long-term rental of a 100% electric vehicle, your business will enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Ecobonus: savings on your rental fee thanks to financial incentives for EVs
  • Tax relief: tax deductions on the installation of the charging infrastructure most suited to your business
  • Brand perception: commitment to environmental issues will improve your company’s image
  • Reduced consumption: electric charging is less expensive than diesel fuel or petrol per mile
  • Freedom of movement: electric vehicles have free access to Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL in Italy) and park for free even where toll is usually required (so-called “blue lines” in Italy)
  • Exceptional range: new-generation electric vehicles have a range of about 500 km on a single charge




This is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be located in an urban environment for public use, at strategic mobility locations or in company car parks.



The commercial version of the JuiceBox: ideal for companies beginning to move towards electric mobility, it can operate as a stand-alone charging station or as part of a series of infrastructures for a fleet of electric vehicles.



This is our fast charging solution that is paving the way for electric mobility outside the city, bringing it within reach of everyone

JuiceNet Manager

JuiceNet Manager

JuiceNet Manager is our digital system that enables companies or organisations to manage their entire fleets of electric vehicles in an integrated manner, through a portal that can be accessed from the Enel X website.

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