Enel X JuicePass Business

Enel X JuicePass Business is the public e-car charging service offered by Enel X Italia through a smartphone App available from IOS and Android stores in Italian and English, or through RFID cards. The service is available to users with individual or corporate VAT registration.  

Subscription to the offer then involves choosing a rate plan and enabling the “Recharge Manager” web portal for use by the company’s fleet manager.

Access to the Recharge Manager Portal enables users to manage and monitor their entire e-vehicle fleet, the infrastructure and corporate charging services.

Fleet managers can manage two charging profiles, “Pooled cars” or “Assigned cars”.

“Assigned cars” refers to all users – in this case, the Drivers that have a vehicle assigned to them – in possession of a card and code that activates the corporate profile on the App and, in some cases, a Wallbox.

The profile “Pooled cars” on the other hand, does not refer to specific users as the vehicles are intended to be made available to a number of users for occasional use. The profile involves a specific vehicle and a Card, but not a Driver or Wallbox. 


  • Download the Enel X JuicePass app from iOS Store or Google Play
  • Register by entering your personal data or using your social login (Facebook or Google)
  • You can register as a private user or as a business (just include your VAT code)
  • You can also use the service as a guest, without creating an account


  • Enter your credentials (email and password) and choose “Remember Me” for easy access to Enel X JuicePass whenever you want
  • You can access the Enel X app even faster by using Touch ID or Face ID *

*Only for handsets with this option


You can create one or more profiles for your account, choosing rate plans and payment methods

  • Activate the Private profile if you want to charge your electric vehicle at stations in the Enel X network.
  • Activate the Corporate profile if you need to charge your company car.  Your activation code will be provided directly by your company.
  • Activate the Automotive profile for your new car.  Your activation code will be provided on purchase (only for participating car manufacturers)


  • Find the charging station closest to your location on the map
  • The Enel X network is growing all the time. Charge with our partners.  Our stations can be found at hotels, supermarkets, shopping centres and are identified by a special symbol on the pin
  • The colour indicates the status of the charging station: green – available, red – in use, grey – undergoing maintenance.

Charging stations

  • Open the section with the charging station details to access to the most important information.
  • The address and serial number of the charging station are at the top of the section.
  • A red “Assistance” icon allows you to flag any problems encountered with the charging station. Not all charging stations are managed by Enel X (only those marked with a purple pin on the map).
  • Check access times, the maximum power for each charging station and find out how far it is from where you are. Once you have selected the correct socket for your car the price per kWh will appear.
  • All you have to do next is press the “Charge” button and start charging. You may book the socket for 15 minutes, if you have activated a “Premium Pay as you go” profile or a Flat rate.

Public Charging

  • The session starts when you press the “Charge” button.  You have 90 seconds to connect the cable to the vehicle and start the charge
  • The charge screen will provide real time information about the kWh supplied, the time spent charging and the power of the charge
  • You can stop the charging session at any moment by simply pressing the “Stop” button.  At the end of the session, you will receive a notification and an email with the summary of the kWh supplied and the duration of the session


If you are a business customer with a Corporate Profile, the service will be invoiced to your company. The available price plans are as follows:  

  • Basic Consumption Plan: the overall consumption built
    up by the corporate profiles will be debited on a monthly basis at a price of
    0.445€/kWh for Quick sockets and 0.50€/kWh for Fast sockets. Booking service:
    in addition to the basic consumption plan, with payment of an annual fee of
    €25, users can also avail themselves of the socket booking service for a period
    of one year.
  • Small Flat Plan: €32 per month for 80 kWh monthly.
  • Medium Flat Plan: €56 per month for  150 kWh monthly
  • Large Flat Plan: €175 per month for 500 kWh monthly.

When you sign up to the Enel X JuicePass Business Service, you can also purchase blocks of coupons equivalent to 5kWh, 10 kWh or 15 kWh. These allow access to public charging facilities and may be handed out to third parties (such as your own business customers, employees, etc.). 


  • Access your charging history at any time, using the icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen
  • You can see the kWh charged in a week, a month or a period of your choice, displayed as a list or a graph
  • If you activated a Flat Plan, Small or Large, you will see the kWh remaining of your monthly availability


  • The RFID Card is an alternative tool that allows you to start and stop charging without using the App
  • It is easy to purchase, just enter a payment method and postal address

Assistance and support

  • Our Customer Service team is available 24/7 to help if you need assistance.  Call the toll free number 800 069 850 for any problem you might encounter 
  • You can also request support through the app, by selecting “Contact an Operator” in the “Other” section or while charging.  One of our operators will then deal with your enquiry.

Domestic charging

  • It’s easy to link your Wallbox to the Enel X JuicePass App: go to the “Other” section and click on “Add a Wallbox.” You will be guided in the procedure to configure the Wallbox on your smartphone.
  • Once the Wallbox has been configured, it will be represented by an icon on the map, thereby making it easily accessible at all times.
  • Thanks to Enel X JuicePass, you can programme the start of your domestic charging. All you have to do is select the number of hours remaining before the start time and hook up your vehicle to the Wallbox.
  • Remember that the cost of charging at the Wallbox will be applied directly to your utility bill and that you will pay for the amount you use according to the tariff in place with your residential energy provider.

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