The JuiceLamp is our integrated solution for street use: a LED lamp that has the double function of public lighting and charging infrastructure.


LED lighting guarantees a pleasing light, as well as energy savings

Fully integrated

The charging infrastructure includes all the features and innovations of the JuiceBox

Double socket

The JuiceLamp has the capacity to charge two electric vehicles at the same time

For every need

It is available in various different models for styles, colors and heights (from 4.5 to 12 meters), suitable for any context, with the possibility to choose 1 or 2 sockets and the number and tipology of points of light


In addition to the lighting and charging functions, it can be used for the video surveillance, and monitoring of air quality and public Wi-Fi

Other products for companies


This is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be located in an urban environment for public use, at strategic mobility locations or in company car parks.

Pole Station

Installation in urban areas, public places and in general in strategic points for mobility, appropriately agreed with local administrations.

Box Station 2.0

Autonomous, connected and multimodal urban facilities await us. Discover Enel X's solutions for a smart and digital city.

Recharge Manager Portal

Recharge Manager is our digital system that enables companies or organisations to manage their entire fleets of electric vehicles in an integrated manner, through a portal that can be accessed from the Enel X website.

Learn everything there is to know about electric mobility

The automotive world is changing and increasingly switching to electric.  However, there are still some doubts and myths about this new sustainable technology to be dispelled.

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