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Enel X helps companies identify of the most suitable solutions to rationalise their energy needs.

We offer advanced services and reliable "turnkey" solutions such as the creation of photovoltaic systems which allow us to reduce our customers' energy consumption right away with significant savings, guaranteeing them an extra boost towards competitiveness.

This technology immediately allows for tangible savings: the initial investment results in a lasting benefit with reduced and quantifiable return times.

Based on the needs and peculiarities of the site where the photovoltaic system is to be installed, Enel X proposes grid-connected and stand-alone (systems isolated from the grid) solutions to companies. For example, photovoltaic systems which include modules, support structures, inverters and electrical panels can be installed on the ground or on any external surface such as roofs of buildings, canopies, facades or parking area shelters.


Features and functionalities


Our team of experts can offer the solutions that are most suited to each company's needs and characteristics.

After having carried out ad hoc technical inspections to evaluate the space available, the orientation and exposure of the surfaces available and any possible issues (e.g. presence of shade), Enel X verifies the effective expediency of the investment and then proposes "turnkey" solutions which include a feasibility study (following the authorisation process) and system design, installation and commissioning at competitive prices and with extended payment methods.

Thanks to numerous partnerships with the sector's leading manufacturers, Enel X offers its customers a wide range of innovative products, such as "Power Reflector" solar cells capable of converting the solar energy a module receives into a greater amount of electricity, or inverters with a "Modular Power System" which, thanks to specific architecture ensures higher yields compared to traditional centralised inverters because the various power modules constituting the inverter are gradually activated only when required by the system.

Photovoltaic systems are reliable and long-lasting technology with an average lifespan of over 20 years, thereby making it possible to exploit a clean and inexhaustible source of energy such as the sun, which guarantees a high level of flexibility, even with changes in consumption, thanks to its modularity. This allows the system's power to be modified at a later moment simply by adding new components (photovoltaic modules and inverters) to the existing ones.

Enel X provides everything necessary for the finished and functioning system in perfect working order.




The photovoltaic systems offered by Enel X are for any type of business, whether commercial or industrial, which wants to take advantage of the countless advantages this system guarantees.

The creation of a photovoltaic system is the ideal solution for companies that intend to:


  • Independently produce the electricity they consume
  • Reduce energy costs thanks to self-production and self-consumption
  • Reduce the environmental impact of their activities by using renewable sources
  • Be independent of the grid, if a stand-alone system is installed.


Requesting a photovoltaic system with Enel X means:

  • Receiving comprehensive consultation aimed at identifying the most suitable solution
  • Having a dedicated team of experts available for every phase of the project, from planning to installation, and from testing to connecting to the grid
  • Turning to a Group with many years of experience and reliability in the sector and with partnerships that have been consolidated over time.


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