Direct Marketing

What we offer

Enel X offers an integral service for the industrial customers that own power plants of any size and technology. Based on an end-to-end management approach of all the services related to the sale of electricity on the energy markets, guaranteeing the optimisation of plant revenues for the customer without it having to become a market operator.


Features and functionalities

Enel X's Direct Marketing service can be subscribed at any time of the year through one of the types of contracts offered, together with the cancellation of any other existing contracts, and does not have any activation costs.Enel X will inform the customer of all costs and revenues generated within the portfolio's management by single balance sheet item, through invoices or through invoice approvals.



Direct Marketing makes perfect sense: unlike the simple purchase and sale of energy, our service includes comprehensive management tailored to the potential of each individual plant, enhancing its production possibilities based on market demand and supply in the customer's area, and can be modulated according to the customer's needs. 


Types of offers

Our portfolio offers diversified services with variable margins in relation to the markets' risk of imbalance, including:Continuous support through a dedicated sales contact personDetailed pricing and billing reports. How to request the service To request further information or directly request the service, please fill in the online form. Our experts are available to explain the service and answer all of your questions.


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