Adaptation to standards CEI 0-16

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Enel X offers a service which includes the supply and installation of technological devices for adapting connection systems of medium voltage electrical appliances in order to adapt them to meet regulatory standards (CEI 0-16).

The Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment, ARERA (formerly AEEGESI), uses incentives and penalties to promote the adaptation of medium voltage (MV) electrical systems to help reduce the number and duration of power outages and improve electricity service quality at a national level. 

The Specific Tariff Fee (CTS) is a penalty charged directly within electricity bills by the Distributor; it applies to all customers connected to MV electricity who have not sent their Distributor a declaration of their system's suitability, as long as the initial connection request was before 16 November 2006.


Features and functionalities

With the Medium-Voltage System Adjustment Service, Enel X first verifies the mechanical conditions and maintenance status of the customer's transformer cabin. If necessary, Enel X provides all the technological components needed to make the customer compliant with the technical-regulatory adjustment issued by the Authority.

Once the intervention has been carried out and the Declaration of Suitability for the Distributor has been delivered, the customer will no longer incur penalties and will be able to access indemnities that the Distributor is obliged to give if power outages exceeding the standards established by the Authority occur.

The service is offered by Enel X in collaboration with partners known for their quality, innovation and high level of efficiency.



Adapting an electrical system to Resolutions ARG/elt 198/11 and ARG/elt 33/08 of the Authority means you:

  • no longer have to pay the CTS (Special Tariff Fee) or CTSM (Increased Special Tariff Fee)
  • benefit from automatic indemnities in bills if power outages occur
  • obtain benefits in terms of the MV system's reliability and safety
  • contribute to improving the electricity distribution system as a whole.


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