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Enel X selects the best technologies in the field of energy efficiency on the market, providing customers with a wide range of products that stand out for their innovation quality and high standards of efficiency:


Indicators for electric and heat meters

Advanced systems for monitoring a company's main energy carriers (electricity, water, heat and gas). These systems make it possible to collect consumption information per single load; furthermore, if they are associated with the Monitoring Service (EIS Platform) Enel X offers its customers, an even more in-depth analysis can be carried out which identifies the main inefficiencies within the company and the actions to undertake.

High-efficiency lighting

Thanks to the decades of experience its subsidiaries have acquired, Enel X is able to offer companies a wide range of high efficiency LED products which allow for drastic reductions in consumption from lighting. These savings are amplified by a smart management system that connects the lighting system to an adequate series of sensors which increase the comfort of those within the concerned areas, simplify control and even make it possible for the system to communicate with other mechanical or electrical systems in the building. Upon request, our experts would be happy to assist customers during the lighting design phase as well.

High-efficiency lighting is one of the most interesting areas in upgrading, as it allows up to 75% savings in consumption from lighting, in addition to reducing maintenance costs.


Ideal uninterruptible power supplies for protecting critical equipment and data such as servers, voice and data networks, medical laboratories and industrial applications, providing maximum reliability and power supply efficiency. They also make it possible to maintain power quality and availability during power outages.

Power factor correction banks

Systems that make it possible to reduce energy losses and maintain a system's power factor within the permitted values, thereby avoiding incurring tax increases for excess energy used. They make it possible to reduce or entirely eliminate any penalties for input power.



Features and functionalities

Thanks to agreements with the sector's most advanced production companies, Enel X can offer its customers the most innovative solutions at competitive prices, as well as with payment in instalments.

A team of dedicated professionals conduct ad hoc on-site surveys to carefully identify the most suitable solutions and the correct sizing of the proposed technologies.

Customers can choose to opt only for the correction banks' supply, or can opt for a turnkey solution which includes a feasibility study, design and development with the installation service included in the price.


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