Photovoltaic InForma

What we offer


The InForma photovoltaic service is a consulting service aimed at companies that own photovoltaic systems. This service envisages the management of all bureaucratic, administrative and economic activities linked to the management of the photovoltaic system by Enel X on the client's behalf, and offers two advantages:

  1. it ensures that the systems are managed in observance of all the laws in force
  2. it is a service capable of adapting to any kind of system, providing a 360° consulting activity.        


Characteristics and functions

With the photovoltaic service, Enel X accompanies the client in:

  • checking the correct payment of incentives by the EMS and in monitoring payments on account and balances;
  • managing the procedures and relative deadlines in place with the Customs Department, GSE (energy provider) and ARERA (authority for gas and electricity):
  • checking the correct production/performance of the system in relation to solar radiation in the municipality in question;
  • supervising and providing assistance with maintenance if necessary;
  • comparing the performance of the system with the Business Plan.


The service is structured into four levels to be chosen on the basis of the type of power and method of use of the system (exchange on site or self-consumption) and can be activated with the payment of a regular fee.

By requesting the InForma service, it is also possible to gain free access to a dedicated web platform which guarantees filing and clear, quick and transparent consultation of all the documentation generated and exchanged.



Requesting the InForma photovoltaic service enables:

  • the simplification of all the documentation to be generated and/or communicated to the authorities;
  • the streamlining of all procedures and any bureaucratic-administrative problems;
  • the clear monitoring of the performance of the systems, with regular testing;
  • guaranteed conformity of system management to the legislation in force;
  • the proposal of solutions to optimise the use of the systems.   


How to request the service

For further information or adhesion to the service, we invite you to fill in the form on line. Our experts are at your complete disposal to explain the service and to answer all your questions.


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