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An Energy Management System (EMS) allows an organisation to pursue the continuous improvement of energy performance through the development and implementation of policies and objectives that constantly consider the problem of energy consumption, respecting the compulsory provisions on energy where such provisions exist.

The matter of energy is strategic for a company and its competitiveness; it is also the business card of a company that pays attention to environmental issues.

The international standard UNI EN ISO 50.001, adhesion to which is voluntary, specifies the requirements and guidelines for an EMS.


Characteristics and functions


Enel X, in the person of its Energy Management Experts (EME) can support the Company in the development of the Energy Management System, by:

  • supporting the identification of legal requirements regarding the use, consumption and efficiency of energy;
  • carrying out an Energy Test on the site subject to study and then providing an Energy Diagnosis (which can also be used in compliance with the obligations envisaged by Decree Law 102);
  • supporting the establishment of objectives and energy goals;
  • supporting the definition of the organisational structure necessary to the purposes of the EMS, particularly in setting up a "permanent energy management group".


Our EME will go to work on drawing up procedures to determine indicators of energy performance, to determine objectives and energy goals, and for the management of the EMS documentation.

In support of the Energy Management System, Enel X can also:


The following preliminary checks must be carried out before supplying the service:

  • conformity to the laws in force, to standard ISO 50001, to the working procedures established and to the aims/goals planned during internal audits;
  • efficiency of the EMG (retest), defining actions to constantly improve energy performances.

The company can then decide whether to certify its own Energy Management System, with the release by an independent accredited certifying organisation of a certificate indicating conformity to ISO 50.001.




The Enel X EMS service enables a company to:

  • know all the energy-related aspects of its production site in detail
  • enjoy all the benefits of the Energy Diagnosis (included in the service)
  • set up clear and structured procedures, focused on energy efficiency, which will generate savings right from the first year of this procedure  
  • have a dedicated team of experts


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For further information or adhesion to the service, we invite you to fill in the form on line. Our experts are at your complete disposal to explain the service and answer all your questions.



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