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The increasing number of charging stations, the greater range achieved by e-vehicles, favourable rental terms and government incentives all make the choice of e-vehicles for corporate mobility more advantageous.

Many companies have already launched an e-transport conversion initiative and they are reporting increasing satisfaction with this choice.

We are well aware of this because we are converting 1,400 vehicles in our service fleet to EVs. Understanding the requirements of our fleet was the best way to develop a mobility solution that meets our clients’ demands.  


Our value proposition for companies

Taking client needs as a starting point, we have developed a commercial offer for e-mobility management in a corporate context. The Enel X Value Proposition is based on four main points.

  1. Initial support with consultative approach: initial analyses of mobility requirements with the aim of supporting clients in their transition to e-mobility. Backed by our long experience in managing e-vehicle charging infrastructure, we will assess our clients’ mobility needs and then provide indications and proposals regarding the number of corporate vehicles that can be replaced with e-vehicles, the number and type of charging stations needed to manage charging, as well as information on potential savings.
  2. Private charging: Enel X offers a wide range of private charging solutions ranging from those currently available for domestic use, supporting e-mobility for mixed-use purposes, to specially-designed recharging solutions at corporate premises that exploit the variety of portfolios offered by Enel X in terms of power and recharging standards.
  3. Recharging on public property: in accordance with the Italian infrastructure plan, the product enables access to all the public recharging stations operated by Enel and its partner companies. Invoicing is managed directly within the company, with the opportunity to assign the various types of consumption, differentiating them according to corporate cost centre (invoicing by company). The service can be accessed via App and/or card.
  4. Fleet Management portal: a solution designed to meet the requirements of corporate fleet managers and help them manage this new way of handling corporate mobility. We have developed a solution for managing electric fleet charging via a dedicated portal that is directly accessible from the Enel X website. The portal enables users to monitor charging cycles carried out by their staff on public and private property, manage profiles for pool and mixed-use vehicles, monitor the condition of their charging infrastructure and request assistance.


e-go Car Sharing

e-go Car Sharing provides you with a fleet of electric cars for all your work-related transfers. It is also possible to offer employees use of the car-sharing service for their leisure time. e-go Car Sharing is the intelligent solution to get your business involved in the mobility of the future, and to monitor and control consumption while also helping the environment.

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