Management services

Enel X has designed and developed an integrated and advanced solution for EV charging which comprises:

  • Smart charge infrastructures with continuous (DC) or alternate (AC) current flow;
  • EMM (Electric Mobility Management System):  a central system to monitor and remotely manage the infrastructure and charging network.

Enel X is intent on promoting initiatives that support sustainable development, offering the Group’s consolidated know-how and expertise for this purpose, to encourage other businesses to become part of the world of e-mobility.

The e-mobility business model brings together various figures, as described here below:

1. The Charging Point Operator (CPO) is the company that manages the charging infrastructure.  It is the registered energy point of delivery (POD) and responsible for the setting up (design, permits, installation, linkup and maintenance) and management of the charging infrastructure, including monitoring, control and access.  Enel X is Charging Point Operator.

2. The Mobility Service Provider (MSP) is the company that offers EV charging services to its clients, setting tariffs, invoicing clients and offering customer care.  Enel X is also MSP.

Do you want to offer charging services for EV Drivers (consumer e/o business) and become a Mobility Service Provider? 

Enel X offers a 360° service which provides access to all the infrastructures available for public use across the country without the need for investments.

The offer includes:

  • Access to all the Enel X charging infrastructures
  • Access to the infrastructure management platform (EMM) which allows for the monitoring of client charging
  • Maintenance of the infrastructures that are the responsibility of Enel X.


As a Mobility Service Provider, you will manage the relationship directly with the end client:

  • Setting prices
  • Handling invoicing
  • Defining customer care.


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Are you the owner of one or more charging structures and interested in joining our network?

If you are the owner of a charging infrastructure (Private, Business, Public Administration) and want to offer a charging service to clients without the worry of managing payment, invoicing or dealing with problems deriving from the delivery of the service, you can join the Enel X network.

Through our EMM platform, your charging structure will be included in our network.  We guarantee access to your structure(s) through the Enel X Recharge App and/or the Apps or cards of other Mobility Services Providers that are part of our network.

You can increase the visibility and use of your charging station(s) with the Enel X App or those of other MSPs.

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Are you a Charging Point Operator interested in interconnecting with our network?

Are you the owner of a charging infrastructure with your own management system? 

Would you like to contribute to the expansion of the charging infrastructure network for the benefit of EV Drivers?  With a Roaming Contract, you can interconnect your network with Enel X.  The end users will benefit from availability and access to a greater number of charging stations, without being restricted to a chosen service provider (Enel X or others), and are able to use the same App or card.

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