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Enel X’s Box Station 2.0 is the ideal e-vehicle charging station for private locations at home or at work (e.g. a domestic or company garage).  The Box Station 2.0 delivers a maximum power output of 3.7 kW (16A, 230V) and features a Type 2 socket, the most widely used in Europe for AC charging. It can also adapt to e-vehicles that charge using mode 3.
You can connect the Box Station to your home meter and the energy used to charge your car will be added directly to your electricity bill, just as it would for any other domestic appliance.

The Box Station package includes:

  • The Box Station itself
  • Direct delivery to your home 
  • Expert installation by our specialist technicians, who will issue you with a compliance certificate
  • Two-year all-inclusive guarantee. Recovery, repair or replacement of defective unit with re-delivery and installation at your home 
  • Technical assistance on freephone 800 900 129

How to charge

The Box Station makes charging easy and intuitive. How it works:

1. Connect the cable with Type 2 plug supplied with your e-vehicle to the charging station. One end of the cable must be connected to the e-vehicle socket and the other to the Box Station 2.0 socket.
2. Your e-vehicle is now connected to the Box Station 2.0, and charging can be initiated by pressing the Start/Stop button. 
3. Simply press the Start/Stop button to unlock the cable or interrupt the charging process at any time. All electricity used will be charged directly to your domestic bill.


Box Station

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Box Station

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