App Enel X Recharge

The innovative charging service offered by Enel X Italy - Enel X Recharge - is the quickest and most practical way to charge your EV at a public charging station:  simply use the Enel X Recharge App or a linked RFID card

Recharge in a few simple steps
Download the free Enel X Recharge App from the Apple Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
Recharge in a few simple steps
Register for the service. You can also do this using your Facebook or Google information. 
Recharge in a few simple steps

Create your profile:

  • Select PRIVATE if you are a consumer client
  • Select CORPORATE if you are a company employee and have been given a code by your company
  • Select AUTOMOTIVE if you have bought a car from a partner with which Enel X has an agreement 
  • Select WALLBOX to create the profile that will enable you to recharge your car from your Enel X wallbox via the App.
Recharge in a few simple steps

You can also link a card to the App to access the service. This can be purchased and activated directly from the App. When your CARD is delivered to you at the address you gave, remember to link it to the profile you created on the App. Your Card will immediately be activated.

Recharge in a few simple steps
Find the nearest available charging station by searching on the map or in the list.
Recharge in a few simple steps
Reserve a socket to ensure it will be available on your arrival. If you have the monthly fee plan, the reservation is free!
Recharge in a few simple steps
Use the App or card to begin charging. Connect the vehicle with the appropriate cable and wait for the desired charge level. You can monitor the charge via the App andyou will receive real time notification on the charging process.
Recharge in a few simple steps
If you have linked your Enel X Wallbox to the App you can manage your domestic charge from the App.
Recharge in a few simple steps
Enel X Recharge lets you plan your domestic charging session, you can decide the start time and duration of the session.
Recharge in a few simple steps
When you have finished charging, whether at home or in the city, unplug the cable and go. For charging at home, the cost of the session will be added to your domestic energy bill. For charging in the city, you will be invoiced according to the tariff of the charging profile used.
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