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stories circular economy

The circular economy at the core of Enel X

The future of the economy is circular. Enel X has placed this model at the centre of its strategy with the aim of accelerating and multiplying the benefits for clients and suppliers. The advantages do not only concern the environment, but also economic growth and new business opportunities

stories circular economy

Enel X and Es’givien, beautiful and sustainable fashion thanks to the circular economy model

The circular economy was at the top of the agenda at the first edition of #ilfashionbelloebuono held in Florence. Enel X demonstrated how it used its Circularity Report to make designer fashion house Es’givien even more efficient and sustainable

stories circular economy

La circular di Enel X protagonista a Exco 2019

A Exco 2019 si è parlato di circular economy. Enel X ha presentato il proprio modello di accelerazione dell’economia circolare e ha premiato con il suo Report sette aziende vincitrici del Best Performer of the Circular Economy 2019

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