Heat pumps

Heat pumps


In order to incentivise the use of electrical applications, which consequently helps safeguard the environment, Enel X promotes the use of heat pumps for heating indoor spaces.

Heat pumps are devices that transfer thermal energy: by making use of the laws of physics they draw heat from one element or space with a lower temperature to transfer it to another, thus cooling the first space and heating the second.  



Heat pumps are reversible units that can provide heating or cooling depending on the season. In this way, with only a small difference in cost when compared to a summer air-conditioner, winter heating can be provided with significant savings on the costs of purchasing the equipment. What’s more, there is only one supply contract (for electrical energy, not for natural gas as well) and maintenance costs concern just one single unit.

The heat pump system also means less pollution in the outside air, and it does not pollute the interior environment.

A heat pump’s capability to warm a space using heat already present in the air, consuming a significantly lower amount of electrical energy than that used to produce the equivalent heat, leads to overall savings, lower fossil fuel consumption and no pollution of the urban atmosphere.

Enel X offers turnkey services that include the supply and installation of the unit, but also assistance in accessing all the incentive mechanisms to help reduce overall costs. 


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