Utility bill management

Utility bill management

Utility Billing Management is a piece of software that centralises your energy expenditure management. UBM automatically collates all your electricity, gas, water and waste bills, and then lets you very easily analyse each entry, create sustainability reports, compare the performances of each individual company site and monitor expenditure trends in terms of your budget.

It can also quantify potential easily deliverable savings, as well as identify billing errors and completely independently investigate the causes directly with the providers. 

Who is Utility Billing Management aimed at?

Businesses, including multinationals, with over 20 sites.  


Characteristics and functionalities

INSPECTS: making consumption levels visible on a per site level and delivering comparison of performances of the different sites

ANALYTICS: automatic report generation with the details of each individual user

ALERTS: identification of any potential consumption anomalies

EFFICIENCY RECOMMENDATIONS: identification of investigative opportunities to improve buildings’ performances.



  1. Centralises visibility of consumption and related costs
  2. Performance benchmarks for the different sites’ performance
  3. Simplifies organisational and financial processes  
  4. Identifies any errors in bills  


Our standard package, which allows the product to be customised to reflect the client’s specific requirements, includes:

  • Online report on consumption, costs, targets and CO2 emissions
  • Repository organised according to utility type, sites and regions
  • Online customer assistance
  • Dedicated email or telephone assistance with a dedicated customer relationship manager
  • Support in resolving  consumption and cost deviations with the utility company;
  • Validation of invoices with standard analyses of consumption, cost deviation and verification of amounts with respect to applied rates.


How to request the service

To receive further information, simply fill in the form on the right. 

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