Energy Management

Energy Management

Energy management is a system of energy consumption monitoring that gathers, analyses and reveals the key data relating to energy use in terms of consumption, costs and other variables. It thereby provides a thorough rundown of a company’s energy scenario – an important factor that impacts every business sector – and helps clients to pinpoint the most efficient and effective actions to achieve substantial energy optimisation.


Multiple functions

  • Descriptive: visualise energy consumption by site or portfolio and compare various sites using standard and personalised performance indicators. A wide selection of adjustable dashboards for monitoring key information can be personalised with just a few, simple guided steps.
  • Predictive: calculate and visualise consumption and cost forecasts.
  • Advanced: automatically identify potential savings, through the comparison of actual consumption with models of ideal consumption created to reflect the parameters that really influence energy performance at the specific site.
  • Monitoring of renewable production: visualise production data from distributed generation assets with analysis and graphics outlining the energy drawn from or fed onto the grid as well as self-consumption.
  • Reportingcreation of personalised reports of various types (energy, sustainability, cost etc.). The platform can also monitor energy efficiency projects using international PMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) standards.

Alertspersonalised configuration of email notifications to flag unexpected consumption during particular time frames, deviation from a predefined control width, the breaching of a critical threshold or an interrupted signal.


  • Optimise corporate energy management.
  • Visualise real time consumption and costs.
  • Compare performance across various sites/buildings using personalised KPI.
  • Identify energy inefficiencies by comparing real consumption with ideal consumption models created by Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • Analyse key performance indicators, construction and monitoring of energy efficiency projects aimed at reaching specific optimisation and savings goals.
  • Integrate parameters for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants and storage systems and also weather variables.
  • Create virtual indicators from mathematical calculations using two or more acquired measurements.


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