Comfort Management

Comfort Management

Comfort Management is a remote management software tool for air-conditioning systems which, thanks to the use of data science and data-monitoring tools, enables opportunities for identifying improvements in comfort levels while simultaneously reducing the consumption of energy related to air conditioning.

Thanks to a data-driven approach, client service levels are always met and, if necessary, it's possible to exclude the remote control aspect. The technical, environmental and legislative obligations relating to the facilities being remotely managed are respected at all times. It is precisely due to the fact that we start from the data that we can achieve the required improvement margins and offer guaranteed performance.

Adopting the Comfort Management software doesn't require any modifications to the existing facility or any interference with the maintenance service and can dovetail with any monitoring systems that may already be present on site. In so doing it's possible to make non-invasive efficiency performance improvements to the facility through automatic control logics, customised depending on the variables which influence consumption for the site in question.



  • Non-invasive integration with existing facilities;
  • The possibility to suspend remote management at any time;
  • Continuous adjustments to the control parameters in line with changes in external climatic conditions and air-quality conditions within the internal areas.



  • Automatic regulation to ensure optimal comfort levels;
  • Reduction in waste;
  • Reduction in time required to manage the facility;
  • The facility monitoring assists with optimising the preventive and predictive maintenance activities.


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