Utility bill management

Utility bill management

What we offer

UBM is a digital platform that enables clients to keep a close eye on company spending on utilities (energy, water, gas, waste disposal) by gathering together the relevant bills and carrying out thorough checks.

The service automatically spots any mistake on the utility bills and offers a digital platform which compares the performance of each corporate site, in order to identify possible opportunities for reducing consumption.


Who is this service for

Businesses, including multinationals with more than 20 sites.


Multiple funcions

INSPECT:  supervising consumption for each site and comparing performances between different sites

ANALYTICS: automatically generated reports detailing the individual utility providers

ALERT: identification of any unusual consumption behaviour

EFFICIENCY RECOMMENDATIONS: identification of possible opportunities to explore in order to improve the performance of buildings.



  1. Centralising control of consumption and related costs
  2. Benchmarking performances of the different corporate sites
  3. Simplifying organisational and financial processes
  4. Identifying potential errors in the utility providers’ bills


Why choose UBM

  • To keep an eye on corporate consumption and utility costs
  • To identify opportunities to increase saving and energy efficiency at each individual site
  • To identify potential errors in the utility providers’ bills


Details of our offerts

Express Offer:

  • Online reports on consumption, costs, targets and CO2 emissions
  • Repository organised by utility type, site and region
  • Online client assistance

Professional Offer:

  • Email or telephone assistance with a customer relationship manager dedicated to you;
  • Support in the solving of consumption and cost anomalies with the utility provider;
  • Thorough analysis of bills from utility providers using standards of consumption, cost deviation and price checking (according to the tariff applied).

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