Thermal Account


The Conto Termico (literally, the “Thermal Account”) is an incentive mechanism to encourage energy efficiency and small-scale thermal energy production from renewable sources.


The Conto Termico for companies

Companies can also benefit, as they are able to access funding to modernise their premises in order to improve energy performance. The resulting reductions in consumption costs enable them to rapidly recoup part of their expenditure.

The Conto Termico includes incentives ranging from 40% to 65% of the overall expense incurred. It applies to various types of intervention, from the installation of heat pumps to biomass boilers and solar heating systems.

Enel X, as part of the services it provides in line with the specifications set out in the Conto Termico, will supply all the assistance required to submit the application for the incentives – all your company need do is enjoy the advantages provided by this mechanism. 

Other products for your company

Energy advisory

Enel X offers industrial and commercial companies an Energy Diagnosis Service, also known as an Energy Audit

Monitoring platform

The Energy Management System is an energy consumption monitoring platform that collects, analyses and displays energy expenditure values such as consumption, costs and other input, providing complete visibility of a very significant aspect for companies

Energy efficiency certificates

Energy Efficiency Securities (EES), also known as White Certificates, are acknowledged by the Energy Market Manager (EMM) in exchange for a reduction in primary energy consumption, obtained for improvements in the efficiency of manufacturing activities, services and in the service industry

ISO 50001

An EMS allows an organisation to pursue the continuous improvement of energy performance through the development and implementation of policies and objectives that constantly consider the problem of energy consumption

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