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The Energy management System is an energy consumption monitoring platform that collects, analyses and displays energy expenditure values such as consumption, costs and other input, providing complete visibility of a very significant aspect for companies - energy - which impacts all business sectors, helping customers identify the most effective and efficient actions for correct energy optimisation.


Various Features

  • INSPECT: displays the entire portfolio's energy consumption and compares the sites with performance indicators
  • ENERGY PROFILING: monitoring and display of the data from meters/sites/groups of sites to measure the energy performance trends
  • ANALYTICS: generation of automatic reports consisting of normalised data
  • ALERT: immediate notifications via email/sms when consumption is higher or lower than a predefined threshold
  • ENERGY RECOMMENDATIONS: automatic identification of recommended actions to implement in order to optimise and benefit from energy saving initiatives.


Basic Offer

  • Collection and Analysis of field data
  • Visibility of data at the site and/or portfolio level
  • Comparison of consumption data with weather data
  • Management of measures for energy saving interventions.


Plus Offer

  • Collection and Analysis of field data
  • Visibility of data at the site and/or portfolio level
  • Comparison of consumption data with weather data
  • Identification of new measures for energy saving interventions
  • Real-time alerts on consumption
  • Visibility on an APP.


Professional Services

  • Development of customisable measures
  • Creation of custom KPIs
  • Training
  • System Integration (CMMS, BAS, etc.).


Furthermore, the Monitoring service can be supplemented by a wide range of additional professional services designed to successfully help the customer better optimise energy.


Two different entry points:

1. If you are obliged under law


Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014 Mandatory Energy Audit

Framework of measures for the promotion and improvement of energy efficiency; mandatory for "Large Companies" and so-called "Heavy Users". The obligation does not apply to Public Administration offices.

Starting from the next deadline at the end of 2019, it will be mandatory to have data on energy consumption directly from monitoring and no longer from estimates. The monitoring must ensure data collection for a period of at least one year.

Annex II to the Decree from the Ministry of Economic Development - Clarifications concerning energy diagnoses in enterprises - of Nov. 2016 obliges companies to "define the implementation of a permanent monitoring plan in order to keep the company's significant data under constant control".

The Energy Management System helps you discover the universe behind the meter, and helps you start to understand where you are spending and where you are spending most. Thanks to the smart energy monitoring platform, consumption data allows you to enhance any energy saving initiative and

facilitates compliance with this regulatory obligation.


White Certificates - TEE

White Certificates attest to energy savings obtained from energy efficiency projects and can be traded on the market. Electricity and natural gas distributors with over 50,000 customers must reach annual primary energy saving targets. Distributors can reach their goals both by implementing their own energy efficiency projects and by buying White Certificates on the market (GME).

Energy service companies (ESCOs) can submit projects to receive White Certificates.

White certificates increase the remuneration deriving from energy efficiency because it is ON TOP of the savings already obtained by the company

In order to obtain them, you must have 12 months of energy carrier measurements. Furthermore, according to Italian Ministerial Decree CB 2017, the monitoring in and of itself enters within the type of eligible projects in the behavioural measurements category: Adoption of data analysis systems on the consumption of individual plants, utilities and vehicles. 


2. If you are a SME

Many regions have calls for tenders that finance companies which carry out an energy diagnosis (ISO 50001).

We offer the tool that allows you to carry out a correct energy diagnosis and be aware of your consumption and energy performance, thereby guaranteeing savings and efficient behaviours.



  • Optimise corporate energy management
  • Have consumption and cost information available in real time
  • Compare the performance of different sites/buildings
  • Reduce energy expenditure 3-5% per year and identify potential cost savings
  • Identify energy efficiency actions that facilitate decision making
  • Have an effective and useful tool for carrying out an energy diagnosis.


Why choose TheEnergy Management System?

  • It offers visibility on trends relating to your consumption, costs and thus also your energy performance, directly on your PC or even with an APP on your smartphone
  • You can automatically identify recommended actions for implementing energy saving initiatives, thereby turning an indication into a concrete and real opportunity for improvement
  • In January 2018, the Energy management System was declared the best-in-class software compared to 27 other software producers by VERDANTIX (an independent consulting firm with experience in the fields of environment, health and safety in the energy sector)
  • You can choose the most functional offer for your needs, from the configuration of the monitoring platform alone, to the implementation of measuring instruments, up to a complete, integrated solution that guarantees the best energy optimisation.


End-to-end process for Energy Monitoring Service

Energy Assessment /EGE 

  1. Understanding the site's energy structure and plan how, when and what to measure (External Suppliers)
  2. Meters & Installation: supply of meters/submeters and installation activities (External Suppliers)
  3. Connectivity & Data Ingestion: design of common infrastructure field meters and SW and supply of gateway, data logger, modem, LAN, SIM (External Suppliers)
  4. Software platform: software set up (statistics) and platform integration & end-to-end tests (Internal - basic set)
  5. Professional Services: customised analysis, training support, customer support, 50001 Certification Support and, after 12 months of measurements, energy diagnosis (report Internal / External - basic set)

Modular solution: from a Basic set to a complete turnkey solution.


How Enel X's Recommendations work

  1. EMP identifies opportunities for energy savings
  2. EMP sends a notification with the actions/measures to be taken to the Energy Manager, who can delegate to another contact person
  3. The Site Manager carries out the recommended actions, reports the information and updates the current status
  4. The Asset Manager tracks the progress and interfaces with the Site Manager.


We’ve noticed that many companies don't make the most of their data

Direct digital controls, the network's system facility, integrated workflow management and the IoT have created a much larger amount of data than most companies can manage internally.

Brochure Energy management System

Other products for your company

Energy advisory

Energy advisory

Enel X offers industrial and commercial companies an Energy Diagnosis Service, also known as an Energy Audit

Energy efficiency certificates

Energy efficiency certificates

Energy Efficiency Securities (EES), also known as White Certificates, are acknowledged by the Energy Market Manager (EMM) in exchange for a reduction in primary energy consumption, obtained for improvements in the efficiency of manufacturing activities, services and in the service industry

ISO 50001

ISO 50001

An EMS allows an organisation to pursue the continuous improvement of energy performance through the development and implementation of policies and objectives that constantly consider the problem of energy consumption

Thermal Account

Thermal Account

The Conto Termico (literally, the “Thermal Account”) is an incentive mechanism to encourage energy efficiency and small-scale thermal energy production from renewable sources

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