Energy advisory

Energy advisory

What we offer

Enel X offers industrial and commercial companies an Energy Diagnosis Service, also known as an Energy Audit.  This service allows the analysis of consumption and the determination of the level of efficiency of a production site of part of it. The Energy Diagnosis shows how a Company consumes energy and where it is necessary to intervene to improve its use.             

The Energy Diagnosis is the first step to gaining an overall view of the production system, and is carried out in phases:

  • phase One: collect and analyse all the data on the use of energy of the various vectors (electricity, gas, oxygen, etc.)
  • phase Two: design of the energy model of the companies and identification of which metering systems to install and where to install them.

These systems usually communicate with a remote system that gathers the data and, depending on the energy model, produces the first level reports.

Enel X also offers an energy consumption monitoring platform which gathers, analyses and indicates spending on energy. This platform, called Energy Intelligence Software, offers awareness of consumption and makes it possible to discover all the information on consumption, spending and actions to be taken to guarantee improved energy efficiency.

In Italy, legislative decree no. 102, dated 4 July 2014 made energy diagnosis compulsory for certain types of company. The deadline for the diagnosis is 5 December 2019 and the sanctions applicable to those who do not comply with the obligation range from € 2,000 to € 40,000.

This decree made the Energy Diagnosis compulsory by 5 December 2019 for the following types of client:

  • Big Companies: companies with more than 250 employees and with an annual turnover of more than 50 million euros or the total annual budget exceeds 43 million euro.                                         
  • Companies with high energy consumption: companies which, during the year of reference, have  used at least 2.4 GWh of electricity, are characterised by a ratio of real cost of electricity to turnover of at  least 2% and have a main ATECO code referred to a   manufacturing activity.

The decree states that energy diagnoses can be carried out by an Energy Management Expert (EME) (certified in compliance with UNI CEI 11339) or by an Esco (certified in compliance with UNI CEI 11352). Enel X has two in-house specialised Esco which have been operating as Esco since 2005 and obtained UNI EN 11352 certification in 2014.


Characteristics and functions

With the Enel X Energy Diagnosis Service, an EME assists the client at all times, taking care of:

  • the energy analysis and the identification of the energy model
  • the supply of the metering system, where required, and support with the acquisition of data from existing systems
  • the acquisition and analysis of data on the Enel X monitoring system 
  • the generation of the first monthly reports
  • the development of the Energy Diagnosis.



Performing an Energy Diagnosis for your Company/production site, enables:

  • a detailed analysis of the level of efficiency
  • an increase in energy efficiency in final uses
  • an improvement in energy efficiency in terms of costs/benefits
  • the obtaining of a better guarantee of compliance with compulsory legislation


Working with Enel X also means working with an organisation with a decade of experience in the sector and a dedicated team of professionals.   


How to request the service

For further information or adhesion to the service, we invite you to fill in the form on line. Our experts are at your complete disposal to explain the service and to answer all your questions.

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