Energy advisory

Energy advisory

Enel X offers all companies an Energy Audit service which facilitates energy consumption analysis and the ascertainment of the energy efficiency level of an entire production site or a section of it.

The Energy Audit provides an understanding of how the company consumes energy and where measures are necessary for improving its use.       

The Energy Audit is the first step in gaining an overall picture of the company's production system, and it is conducted in phases:

First phase: collecting and analysing all the energy usage data relating to the various vectors (electricity, gas, even oxygen, etc.).

Second phase: designing the company's energy model and identifying which measuring systems to install and where.

It's generally considered good practice to have these systems communicate with a remote system which collects the data and, depending on the energy model, generates the first level reports.

Indeed, Enel X also offers an energy consumption monitoring system which collects, analyses and displays the energy costs. The Energy Management software provides an awareness of consumption levels and enables clients to be constantly abreast of information on consumption, expenses and actions necessary for guaranteeing improved energy efficiency.


The regulatory context

In Italy legislative decree no. 102 of 4 July 2014 made energy audits compulsory for certain types of company, which originally had to be conducted by December 2023 with penalties for non-compliance ranging from €2,000 to €40,000.

Categories of company obliged to conduct energy audits:

Large enterprises: companies of more than 250 employees and with an annual turnover exceeding €50 million or total balance sheet assets of more than €43 million;

Energy-intensive enterprises: companies which, during the reference year, used at least 2.4 GWh of electricity, are characterised by a ratio of effective electricity cost to turnover of at least 2%, and whose principal ATECO (Italian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities) code is that for a manufacturing activity.

The legislative decree states that energy audits may be conducted by a UNI CEI 11339-certified Energy Management Expert (EME) or by a UNI CEI 11352-certified ESCO (Energy Service Company).

The next deadline for these categories of client is December 2023.



With the Energy Audit service Enel X, under the guidance of an EME, assists the client throughout the whole process and carries out the following activities:

  • analysing energy consumption and establishing the energy model;
  • where required, supplying the measuring system and providing support for the acquisition of data from existing systems;
  • acquiring and analysing the data on the Energy Management monitoring system;
  • producing the initial monthly reports;
  • developing the Energy Audit.



Conducting an Energy Audit:

  • ensures compliance with current legislation;
  • provides a detailed analysis of energy efficiency levels;
  • delivers energy efficiency improvements in the final uses.


How to request the service

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