Monitoring and optimisation costs

Energy costs depend on how and when your company uses energy, and how much it consumes

Energy costs depend on how and when your company uses energy, and how much it consumes.

Developing your company’s energy awareness means creating new savings opportunities, generating new income flows and developing a more sustainable organisation.

Enel X works alongside your company, providing customised tools for monitoring and optimising energy consumption, identifying the solutions best suited to your business in order to develop its energy efficiency. 

Photovoltaic and Storage

Enel X helps companies identify of the most suitable solutions to rationalise their energy needs

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Through its subsidiaries, Enel X offers customers a turnkey service for the supply of electricity, heat and refrigeration from natural gas cogeneration and/or trigeneration plants using two different formulas created ad hoc on the basis of the customer's needs

Monitoring platform

The Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) is an energy consumption monitoring platform that collects, analyses and displays energy expenditure values such as consumption, costs and other input, providing complete visibility of a very significant aspect for companies

Heat pumps

In order to incentivise the use of electrical applications, which consequently helps safeguard the environment, Enel X promotes the use of heat pumps for heating indoor spaces

Energy efficiency solutions

Energy efficiency means the capacity to exploit energy in an optimal way. In an increasingly complex world, energy efficiency is a forward-looking approach that optimises resources and increases awareness concerning their consumption.

Other problems we solve

Strategic decisions for competitive benefits


To manage compliance risks, client companies are required to implement a series of organisational processes and structures that serve to prevent violation of the standards, rules or regulations


We use an approach based on digitalisation and constant innovation with the central objective of sustainability, a vital element in a genuinely forward-looking approach

Access to forms of incentives

Initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency, in difference to those to install renewable energy production plants, require an initial financial commitment from the client

From cost to opportunity

Enel X helps your company converting your business processes from sources of costs to real opportunities

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